The Brazilian Blowout is the most innovative and effective professional smoothing treatment in the world! Through the use of a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex and a proprietary polymer system, the Brazilian Blowout actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.

The end result is smooth, healthy, conditioned hair with radiant shine.
Whether it's the healthy injection of protein you are after, the radiant shine or a more relaxed hair style for up to 12 weeks.

This treatment is suitable for most hair types.
The Brazilian blowout treatment IS NOT a straightener, but a smoother.  If you would like to know more about our chemical straightening treatments, please contact us for more details.
Brazilian Blow Out Service is £130.00

This includes smoothing treatment and their recommended Acai Shampoo and conditioner to help pro long the service and give extra smoothness (worth £58.00)
 Common Q&A about the Brazilian Blow out..

Q: How long does a Brazilian blowout take?
A: Treatments typically take between 60- 90 minutes
Q: What is the best shampoo and conditioner to use after my Brazilian blowout?
A: Shampoo and conditioners MUST be sulphate free however we
strongly recommend you use the Acai Brazilian blowout range of aftercare products to help prolong the effects of your treatment. (Note: Acai will only guarantee the treatments longevity if the Acai aftercare products are used.)
Q: How long after the treatment do I have to wait before swimming or using the gym?
A: You can be back in the pool or gym as soon as you leave the salon. It is important to be aware that chlorine will have an effect on the treatment so frequent swimmers would benefit from wearing a swimming cap.
Q: How long do I have to leave the treatment before I can wash my hair?
A: You can wash your hair as soon as you leave the salon should you feel the need.  With the Brazilian blowout you can step straight back in to daily life.
Q: When can I colour my hair?
A: You can colour your hair any time before your Brazilian Blow out.  You could have both treatments on the same day.  Alternatively we would recommend that you wait two weeks after your Brazilian Blow Out treatment before colouring your hair.
Q: I would like to book a Brazilian Blowout but I am pregnant.
A: Unfortunately Brazilian blowouts are not suitable if you are pregnant or breast feeding.