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A sculpted updo with couture appeal. Inspiredby the look seen at Jean Paul Gaultier, this gleaming updo proves that couture craftsmanship isn't limited to just clothing. "The rich colour of the models hair against her alabaster skin gives really beauty and drama when mixed with the sculpted shape." Jackie, Owner, Salon Seven.

Step 1
Separate the hair into sections and apply REDKEN Thickening Lotion 06 to each section. This allows for even distribution.

Step 2
Separate the entire head from front and back, using behind the ears as reference points.

Step 3
Pull the back section of the hair into a high ponytail that sits at the crown area. Smooth with REDKEN Fashion Work 12 and a flat iron. Keeping the hair flat, loosely twist the hair around the pony, tucking the ends in.

Step 4
In the front section, make a centre part. Divide each side into 2 subsections. Starting with the section nearest the back, use a brush/comb to elevate above the round of the head. Use REDKEN Fashion Work 12 to help keep the hair in place, and tight to the head. Gather the ends together, wrap around your fingers and roll towards the roots, creating a 'barrel' effect. Pin into place.

Step 5
Repeat the same motion with the front subsection, making the roll slightly diagonal back, following the round of the head. Once you have it pinned, use REDKEN Fashion Work 12 and a comb to join both rolls together. (Use a hairpin if needed.)

Step 6
Repeat on theopposite side. Once finished, spray liberally with REDKEN Shine Flash 02 for a polished,high-sheen finish.


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